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Securities in Issue

The Company is incorporated in the Isle of Man and, as such, the rights of shareholders may differ from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company.

Number of shares in issue


Significant Shareholders

Name of shareholder Number of Shares held % of enlarged Issued Share Capital of the Company held
Marine Investments (WA) Pty Limited* 35,897,644 26.95%
J Molyneux*** 22,500,000 16.89%
Global Pearl Ltd 8,298,648 6.23%
Hatfield Nominees Pty Limited** 5,000,383 3.75%
Directors’ Shareholdings
J Molyneux*** 22,500,000 16.89%
S Hunt 5,412,523 4.06%
D Paull 1,278,599 0.96%
A Richards 350,000 0.26%
Director’s Shares 29,541,122 22.17%
*includes 866,667 shares held by Diana Lalor and 100,000 shares held by Peter Lalor and 60,000 shares held by Blackwood Consolidated Pty Limited. Marine Investments (WA) Pty and Blackwood Consolidated Pty Limited are both controlled by Peter Lalor.

**includes 1,966,633 shares in the name of Hatfield Nominees Pty Limited, 16,500 shares in the name of Galgo Investments Pty Limited and 1,016,500 shares in the name of Finmont Pty Limited and 3,750 shares in the name of Jacobs Ladder Investments Pty Limited.

***includes shares held by a pension fund of which Mr Molyneux is a beneficiary


53.44% of shares are not in public hands

The company is not listed on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

There are no shares held in treasury.

The information above was updated on 27 November 2017

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